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    Dosko 620 8 Tooth 3/8" Wide Wheel

    CEI OEM Setup

    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth L,R,S
    2 Left, 2 Right,4 Straight
    Qty of Pockets
    4 CounterSunk, 4 Fine Thread
    Recommended Bolts
    60032.CEI 1.75" long


    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth
    Qty of Pockets
    4 Angled, 4 Straight, - Reverse
    Recommended Bolts(GreenTeeth P/N)
    783555.DOS (LP-134) 1.75 " long


    Stump Grinder Teeth are a CEI Supply specialty. But, how do you choose the best stump grinder teeth? CEI has the best grinder teeth available listed below. Depending on what your stump grinder is equipped to use, you will find your best fit. Looking for a little more power? Contact CEI Supply today.

    CEI carries its own brand of stump grinder parts. However, we also carry Greenteeth, select Leonardi, and DK2 teeth. Our stump grinder parts also fit brands such as Bandit, Morbark, BluebirdRayco, and Carlton.

    While we list our advantages below, feel free to browse the options that best suit your need for stump grinder parts.


    • We carry our own CEI stump grinder teeth, Greenteeth, select Leonardi teeth, and DK2 teeth
    • Several patented designs provide superior cutting performance
    • We provide solutions for almost any brand stump grinder with cost-effective solutions
    • High-quality products, offering outstanding performance for almost any job
    • Fits for popular stump grinding brands including Bandit, Morbark, BlueBird, Rayco, Carlton, Vermeer, Dosko, and more!

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    Leonardi | Red-Sand and Clay Tooth (3 tooth set)

    From $54.98
    The Leonardi Cutting System is revolutionary in stump grinding technology. This single-tooth mounting system eliminates the need for pockets, bolts, and any orientation of teeth (Left, Right, and Straight).

    Tomahawk Series | Left Tooth

    From $13.15
    Heavy-duty left tooth suited for normal and rocky soil conditions.

    Tomahawk Series | Right Tooth

    From $13.15
    Heavy-duty right tooth suited for normal and rocky soil conditions.

    Tomahawk Series | Straight Tooth

    From $13.15
    Heavy-duty straight tooth suited for normal and rocky soil conditions.

    DK2 Series | Complete Set of Teeth w/Hardware

    From $131.59
    9 High speed cutting teeth with hardware

    DK2 Series | Left Tooth w/Hardware

    From $15.97
    High speed cutting LEFT HAND tooth with hardware

    DK2 Series | Right Tooth w/Hardware

    From $15.97
    High speed cutting RIGHT HAND tooth with hardware

    DK2 Series | Straight Tooth w/Hardware

    From $15.97
    High speed cutting CENTER HAND tooth with hardware


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