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Stump Grinder Teeth

CEI Supply offers a wide range of pro-grade stump grinder teeth from top brands, including Greenteeth, Leonardi, DK2, and our exclusive CEI teeth series. Patented stump grinder tooth designs ensure high-cutting performance and cost-effective solutions for almost any brand of stump grinder, such as Bandit, Morbark, BlueBird, Rayco, Carlton, Vermeer, Dosko, and more.

Stump grinder teeth play a vital role in the operation of stump grinding machinery, enabling the efficient removal of tree stumps by effectively grinding them into smaller wood chips or debris. Proper maintenance, including regular sharpening or replacement of dull or damaged teeth, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the stump grinder.

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CEI Gladiator Series

SKU: CEI Gladiator Series
From $5.63

Greenteeth 1100 Series

SKU: Greenteeth 1100 Series
From $13.29

CEI 800 Series

SKU: CEI 800 Series
From $11.82

CEI 500 Series

SKU: CEI 500 Series
From $5.50

Greenteeth 700 Series

SKU: Greenteeth 700 Series
From $8.54

CEI 500 Series | Left Hand Teeth (Slightly Oversized)

SKU: 16175.DOS
$4.60 $7.96

CEI Dual 800 Series

SKU: CEI Dual 800 Series
From $19.73

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