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Stump Grinder Bolts

CEI's heat-treated carbon steel bolts are manufactured to CEI's exacting specifications. CEI's hex head is designed to resist wear so the Allen wrench can be inserted and bolts removed after hours of heavy-duty use. CEI's bolts surpass the highest quality standards in the industry. All CEI Bolts are 5/8" in diameter and fine-threaded.

Greenteeth Greenbolts® are designed for Greenteeth's 1100 Series pocket and engineered to make up for the shortcomings of the standard Allen head bolt. Greenbolts® are built with an external drive head for easy installation and removal. The smooth shank strengthens the bolt as well as minimizes wheel wear. Greenteeth LoPro™ bolts are designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of Greenteeth's LoPro™ pockets. Install with a 1/2" Allen drive. A smooth shank reduces wheel wear.

Tomahawk™ bolts by Leonardi are specially designed to limit thread, head, and wheel damage. Shorter, sunken bolts protect both bolt ends, while the longer, smooth shank reduces wheel damage by preventing bolt and hole distortion. It is for use with Tomahawk teeth and pockets only.