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    Dosko 620 8 Tooth 3/8" Wide Wheel

    CEI OEM Setup

    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth L,R,S
    2 Left, 2 Right,4 Straight
    Qty of Pockets
    4 CounterSunk, 4 Fine Thread
    Recommended Bolts
    60032.CEI 1.75" long


    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth
    Qty of Pockets
    4 Angled, 4 Straight, - Reverse
    Recommended Bolts(GreenTeeth P/N)
    783555.DOS (LP-134) 1.75 " long


    Brush Chipper Knives

    Brush chipper knives are machine knives designed to chip down brush material. These brush chipper knives can vary greatly in size and type. But, they process wood in a way more precise than your standard grinder. Want to learn more? Contact CEI Supply.

    Simonds Brush Chipper Knives are manufactured to OEM standards using the same modified A8 chipper knife steel used in making their sawmill and pulp mill chipper knives. Simonds found that using this material has the best balance of abrasion resistance, cutting edge retention and impact resistance of any material they have identified. Their Big Rapids facility has a first-rate heat treat process that can allow Simonds to control the hardness of the cutting edge while maintaining the softer, more ductile, center very accurately.


    DK2 Series Brush Chipper knives are now also available.

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    Simonds Brush Chipper Knives | 5-1/8" x 4-1/2" x 1/2"

    From $41.85
    Length: 5-1/8"
    Width: 4-1/2"
    Thickness: 1/2"
    # of holes: 2
    Bevel angle: 31 degrees
    Weight: 2.44 lbs

    Used on
    Bandit: 90 (after 4/95), 280, 280XP (after 10/96), & 1850​
    JP Carlton: 2018D
    Salsco: 810 & 813

    Simonds Brush Chipper Knives | 5-3/32" x 4" x 1/2"

    From $47.83
    Length: 5-3/32"
    Width: 4"
    Thickness: 1/2"
    # of holes: 2
    Bevel angle: 31 degrees
    Weight: 2.14 lbs

    Used on
    Bandit: 90XP


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