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    Carlton HURRICANE RS 48 Tooth 1.5" Wide Wheel

    CEI OEM Setup

    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth L,R,S
    23 Left, 23 Right,2 Straight
    Qty of Pockets
    24 CounterSunk, 24 Fine Thread
    Recommended Bolts
    6007.CEI 3" long

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    CEI Bolt | 3" | Fine Thread

    From $3.04
    Bolt Length: 3" For wheel thickness of 1-1/2" (S-Pro Pocket Wheel Thickness of 1-1/4")

    Greenbolts® | 3"

    Used only with the Greenteeth 1100 Series pockets, Greenbolts have a 5/8" external drive head for easy installation and removal. The smooth shank provides strength and minimizes wheel wear.

    Greenteeth® LoPro® Bolt | 3"

    Reducing the thickness of the pockets and a new design allowed us to increase the steel under the bolts head which in turn created a stronger pocket. With the LoPro design we increased the surface area of the pocket which in turn better distributes the torque of the bolt into the wheel.