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    Carlton HURRICANE RS 48 Tooth 1.5" Wide Wheel

    CEI OEM Setup

    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth L,R,S
    23 Left, 23 Right,2 Straight
    Qty of Pockets
    24 CounterSunk, 24 Fine Thread
    Recommended Bolts
    6007.CEI 3" long

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    Greenteeth® 1100 Series | Counterbore Angled Pocket


    Greenteeth® 1100 Series | Counterbore Reverse Pocket


    Greenteeth® 1100 Series | Counterbore Straight Pocket


    Greenteeth® 1100 Series | Deep Dish Red Stump Grinder Tooth w/Nut

    Three-position rotatable tooth – it’s like having three teeth in one! The Greenteeth® design is unique in that the tooth can be quickly rotated three times to give your machine three sharp cutting edges before the tooth needs to be sharpened. The 1100 Series Red Deep Dish tooth is more aggressive and has a more deep concave edge compared to the Green Standard Dish. These teeth are a better choice for rocky soil conditions where there is LESS THAN 25% rock in the ground. The 1100 series are appropriate for units with 66 - 200 HP.

    1100 series