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    Rayco RG1635 Super Jr 18 Tooth 1" Wide Wheel

    CEI OEM Setup

    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth L,R,S
    6 Left, 6 Right,6 Straight
    Qty of Pockets
    9 CounterSunk, 9 Fine Thread
    Recommended Bolts
    6006.CEI 2.5" long


    Recommended Series
    Quantity of Teeth
    Qty of Pockets
    12 Angled, 6 Straight, - Reverse
    Recommended Bolts(GreenTeeth P/N)
    783555-2.5.DOS (LP-212) 2.5 " long
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    The CEI Catalog contains a lot of helpful information about the following:

    • CEI Supply Teeth and Pockets (500, 800, Dual 800 and much more!)
    • Leonardi M1® Blueshark™ Teeth (Black, Red and Gold)
    • Greenteeth Pockets and Bolts (500, 700 and much more!)
    • Bolts (CEI, LoPro™ and Greenbolts®)
    • Accessories (Green Wheels, Sockets and Tungsten Carbide Tips)